Duong Trung Quoc

National Assembly Member; Secretary General of Viet Nam’s Association of Historians
Duong Trung Quoc is well known in Viet Nam as an editor, a journalist, a researcher, and an elected representative of the people. After he graduated from Hanoi University with a Bachelor of Arts in History his career started in the mid-sixties at the Institute of Historical Sciences and culminated with his becoming its Deputy Director in 1988. He was elected the same year Secretary General of the Association of Vietnamese Historians, one of the first non-governmental organizations in the country. Editor-in-chief of the Association’s publication “Yesterday & Today” (Xua và Nay) since 1994, he has always defined himself as “a storyteller more than a historian” (his own words), embodying in his theories and writings his faith in the principle of “revisiting the past to understand the present”. That analytical approach characterizes his thought-provoking statements at the National Assembly where he has served since 2002 (XIth and XIIth Terms) in the Culture, Education and Youth Committee. In the same challenging spirit, Mr. Quoc has been on the forefront of many national debates, such as the urgency to preserve the nation’s collective memory, its historical landmarks, and the need to overhaul the country’s educational system, among others.
His open-mindedness and novel frame of mind are equally appreciated by colleagues and friends across the world. A member of the Vietnam-US, Vietnam-France and Vietnam- North Africa Caucuses and an executive member of the VN-US Friendship Association, Mr. Quoc, the historian, is frequently asked to speak at international conferences and colloquiums for the Viet Nam of today.
(Source: Tri Viet University, http://www.trivietuniversity.edu.vn)

S. General of Viet Nam’s Association of Historians